The Veil Was Torn

The human heart was made to be set ABLAZE with the fire of eternal love.

Occasionally we glimpse this reality, but far too often it seems veiled.

But when Jesus died on the cross at 3pm on Good Friday, “THE VEIL WAS TORN IN TWO — from top to bottom!” (Mk. 15:38).

And now we can enter into that heavenly reality for which we were created!

We’ll be gathering for FORTY HOURS OF NON-STOP WORSHIP at Gladstones Café, from 3pm Good Friday to 7am Easter Sunday.

There is still space for some more worship leaders, so if you know someone who’d be interested or you haven’t signed up yet then the link is here. But whether there’s worship bands or choirs of angels or total silence — Jesus is worth it! As for me and my house, we’re just glad for the opportunity to focus on God’s presence whether or not anyone joins us 😉

We’ll also be meeting in different parts of the city for each evening of Holy Week running up to Easter:
Monday 26th – Wirral
Tuesday 27th – Tuebrook
Wednesday 28th – Norris Green
Thursday 29th – Bootle

And if you’d like to gather people for worship and prayer in some other part of the city that week, then let us know where it’s happening and we’ll point whoever we know there in your direction!

My friend Hamish has done the hard work of getting some flyers printed — I’ll put most of them in Gladstones bookshop this Friday morning, so whenever you’re in the centre of town please pop in and take some to pass on to everyone you know! (Or if you’d like me to get some directly to you, then REPLY NOW and ask me for some).

Grace and peace,

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