Let’s Do It Again!

Before we say anything else we want to say a big THANKYOU to everyone who made the ABLAZE event such a success. Thank you to Gladstones for opening up their Upper Room, thankyou to Tony for his PA set up, thankyou to all the singers and musicians who led from the front – and especially those who jumped in at the last minute to cover for those who weren’t able to make their slots after all, and thankyou to every single person that came – whether you just popped in for a few minutes, or whether you found yourself staying for several hours.

We’ve been trying to find time over the last week or so to work out what it is that just happened! I haven’t often been part of something that has come together so easily, and I have a strong conviction that ‘ABLAZE’ isn’t meant to just be a one-off worship event. Rather, I believe that it’s a God-given promise that this city will be set ABLAZE – and so the question is ‘How do we partner – in worship, in prayer, in mission — with what God is doing?’ And I don’t know all the answers to that question!

But for the moment, we feel like we want to keep on coming together for extended times of non-stop worship. So we have spoken to Gladstones and we will again be meeting there, this time for a 12-hour Burn, on the 18th November and then the 16thDecember, from midday to midnight.

That means that we again need musicians and singers to lead from the front – so again please sign up to tell us when you’re available, and pass on word to whoever else might be interested, whether or not they were involved with the event just past.

We also want to try and get to know each other a bit better, so before we start worshipping at midday, we’re going to meet and have brunch together from 10-11.30. We’ll be eating soup and baguettes, freshly prepared by the wonderful Gladstones Café (and if you can, a £3 donation would help us cover costs). Please join us if you can – and let us know if you’re coming, so that we can let the Café know numbers.

Grace and peace,

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