Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved.

Come & Worship Each Month
Every month we will have continual worship at Gladstones for 12 hours or more. Everyone’s welcome to come for as little or as long as you like.

Spread The Word
Please help us spread the word to whoever might be interested. Tell your friends, share the invitation with your small group, ask your leaders if you can announce this at church. It doesn’t matter what church they’re from—they don’t even have to be a Christian (yet!)

Lead Worship
We always need more people who love Jesus who are willing to lead a two-hour worship set. If that might be you, then please sign up here.

Come & Pray Each Week
Every Friday, I (and a handful of others) WORSHIP and PRAY from 10.30-12.30 in the Gladstones Upper Room with whoever wants to join me that God would set us/our city/our nation/our world ABLAZE. You are welcome to come and join in.

Run With The Vision
If you want to start your own ABLAZE event — gathering Hearts of Worship for Hours of Worship in Houses of Worship (where House means any physical space, whether home/café/shop/church/workplace/whatever; permanent or temporary – tents are God’s favourite!) then please go ahead and do so! The word isn’t trademarked or anything (though if you start making money feel free to give me a tithe!). There are already some crazy kids talking about ABLAZE happening in stadiums and cathedrals, so why not your own house/church/café/pub?

I believe ABLAZE is a word from the Lord and there is FREEDOM IN THE SPIRIT(1) for us all to run with this word however the Spirit leads. If we’re to remain a unified movement then we’ll need to continue to CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIP (2) and to HONOUR OUR SPIRITUAL MOTHERS AND FATHERS (3). (In YWAM we call these three ingredients, the TRIPOD for sustaining apostolic growth) For me specifically those Spiritual Parents include my own missionary parents, the trustees of Gladstones Café, the YWAM Liverpool and YWAM England founders, the Burn 24/7 leaders, Sue Sinclair (founder of CWM), and those nationally involved in leading Houses of Prayer. You’ll need to work out who the spiritual fathers and mothers are for you to give due honour.

Connect & Come For Dinner
If you want to CULTIVATE RELATIONSHIP with me and my family then you’re welcome to JOIN US for dinner on a Thursday. We eat at 6pm, and then (once the kids are in bed!) we can worship from 7.30-9.30pm. Please let me know at least an hour in advance if you’re coming (07580 117 541).

Clarify & Pursue Your Personal Calling
If God is calling you to pursue prayer, worship and mission as a FULL-TIME VOCATION then I would love to help that become a reality. The first thing to do is to WRITE THE VISION as clearly as possible, and then FIND SUPPORT from as many people as possible – whether that support is in the form of wisdom, finance, resources, or whatever. The start of a new year is a particularly good time to reassess your personal identity/calling/vision and goals. Here’s a resource I’ve created which you will hopefully find to be a helpful aid in that process. And if there are any other ways that I can help, please just ASK!