First Love Will Arise From The Ashes

For the first time in more than seventy years, Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day coincide.

Valentine’s Day, the celebration of romantic love.

Ash Wednesday, the day that marks the beginning of Lent — the forty-day season of fasting and preparation for Easter.

What is the Lord saying? To me, to you, to our city, to our nation, to all of Europe and the Western world?

Thus says the LORD, “I remember the devotion of your youth, your love as a bride, how you followed me in the wilderness… (Jeremiah 2:2)

But I have this against you: You have abandoned your first love. (Revelation 2:4)

Join us from 7.30-9.30pm (Wednesday 14th February) as we pray and seek God’s face in Gladstone’s Upper Room.

Grace and peace,

PS. If you find identifying with the image of God’s ‘Bride’ challenging, then here are my thoughts on The First Commandment to love God whole-heartedly and extravagantly, and how to do this we need a revelation of the gospel.

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